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Silent Thunder IWB

  • Silent Thunder Inside Waistband Holster
  • Silent Thunder IWB Profile
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Product Description

The Silent Thunder IWB Holster is unbelievably comfortable, concealable and tuckable; it has been touted as being the best Inside the Waistband Holster on the market. We follow one simple formula; the smaller the package, the more comfortable the ride.  All of our IWB holster designs follow this rule, allowing for maximum comfort, easy one-handed reholstering, ultimate in deep concealability, and stability.

Permanently lined with premium Hermann Oak Leather, the holster will protect your firearm from wear and provide a quick and "silent" draw. Reholstering is no problem with the durable Kydex outer shell and the combination of Kydex and leather will ensure a lifetime of use. Attach inside the waistband with one of Garrett's IWB Clips adjustable for wear height and cant. Several belt clip styles to choose from.  Available in Black or Coyote Brown Kydex with natural leather lining (color choice option available for leather lining).


Silent Thunder IWB Vs. Fusion or Solo?   I am asked this question many times and it all comes down to this:

 What do you expect from the holster?

If you are looking for a holster that you put on in the morning and take off at night then the Fusion or Solo may be right for you. But if any of the following apply to your situation, you may want to default to the Silent Thunder IWB.

If you:

  • Have to remove the holster several times during the day (interview rooms, jail, work place, post office, etc) The Silent Thunder IWB lends itself to removal and replacement much better than the Fusion or Solo.
  • Want to perform multiple practice presentations daily. The Silent Thunder IWB will make you much happier in this regard as reholstering is a breeze given the rigid back.
  • Competition: The Silent Thunder IWB will be the best choice, (in IWB) for IDPA and other such events. The Solo and Fusion are not built for these activities.

Ok, it sounds like the Silent Thunder IWB is the clear winner! So why do we even offer the Fusion or Solo?

The Fusion and Solo are for a different kind of buyer. There are a lot of people in the world that do not perform multiple presentations, compete, or have to remove the holster during the day. These customers are looking for something that can be donned in the morning and worn for hours without discomfort. They don’t care about how it reholsters or that it is not built like a tank. They want to be comforted by having a means of defense and they are not paying a price in discomfort to keep said weapon handy. This is not to say that the Silent Thunder IWB is uncomfortable. It’s just not as comfortable as a cushy composite back.

In the end it’s all about your lifestyle. We build holsters that can accommodate you, not the other way around.

Ron Garrett


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Product Reviews

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  1. Great holster

    Posted by Kevin on 16th May 2014

    Comfortable, solid, well built and constructed. Amazed with the build quality. It fits IWB comfortably, holding the gun tight to your body and pants. The clip is solid and the gun doesn't move about as you're going through your day. The fit is exceptional. I ordered it for an HK45c. I also own an HK USP 45c. Despite the similarities in the guns, the USP was tight to get in and the 45C fit like a glove. They truly build these holsters to match your specific gun. Everything is adjustable. I'm relatively new to carry, and gambled on this holster based on internet research. Definitely will recommend it.

  2. Sig 290RS

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2014

    Just picked up a Sig 290RS while taking a recent class at the Sig academy and a buddy of mine showed me his Silent Thunder holster while at the course. I was hooked. The holster was awesome. So I went ahead and ordered my own and was totally impressed at how fast it arrived, how perfect it fits the piece and how comfortable it is to wear. Awesome.

  3. Best holsters and ccarriers I have ever purchased.

    Posted by Santi on 13th Mar 2014

    Excellent design, well made of excellent material and very functional. The IWB model, unlike some other make, is easy to re-holster. The leather lining is perfect and durable.

    Turn around time is excellent and service is exceptional. The next holster and carrier will again be a Garrett.

  4. A Silent Winner!

    Posted by John (joe) Ulrich on 6th Mar 2014

    I have conceal carried my Honkin' Glock G23 in the Silent Thunder IWB everyday for almost five years now. I have replaced the belt clip a couple times because of how rough I am with my stuff but, aside from that, this holster is a working piece of art! I recommend it to all my friends and who carry. They all carry the Silent Thunder IWB as well. It is nice to find a product, made in America, that is truly made to last.

    I just downsized to a Sig Sauer P238, for which I purchased the Slim II IWB holster. I wanted something less bulky but just as sturdy. It should be in the mailbox this weekend. I am positive that this holster will be as good if not better than the last. I am an absolute addict for GI Holsters!!!

    God Bless America

    Signed: JU - 10 military veteran

  5. Great Holster!

    Posted by Craig H on 2nd Mar 2014

    This is my second Garrett holster and they are just fantastic. To give an idea how nice it is, when I put it in my wife's belt, she asked if the gun was in it.. She had no idea. I've been carrying every day since I've gotten it and I can hardly tell it's there. Keep up the great work!

  6. I'm blown away

    Posted by Martin B on 16th Feb 2014

    Just received my IWB Silent Thunder today for my Glock 19. This holster is light years better than I even imagined. I'm new to the world of handguns and this is my first IWB holster. I did a lot of research before ordering a holster and I'm really glad I came across GI. I will be placing another order soon for my OWB.

  7. amazed by the product!

    Posted by Dave on 29th Jan 2014

    At first I was a little apprehensive about spending the $ on the holster. After wearing it for an entire day with little to no discomfort I was very impressed. I carry for protection only and my wife is uncomfortable with firearms, she only knows I have it on when she feels it on my back, and I only mess with it when I think my shirt is pulled up. The Silent Thunder is the best IWB holster on the market! I am only buying from Garrett from now on. I made a mistake when ordering my belt size, Garrett called me before shipping to verify, that was outstanding! Thanks again.

  8. Everyone was right - I should have ordered one of these a long time ago

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jan 2014

    Upon recommendation from a trusted friend, I ordered a Silent Thunder IWB to carry my Glock 19. I've only had it for a day but it is already the best IWB holster I've ever used.

    It honestly makes my Glock feel smaller than the XDs (which is tiny in comparison) that I normally summer carry IWB in a different model of holster. The Silent Thunder IWB very easy to adjust once on my belt (great for driving), and the tension was set perfect from the beginning. While I do miss the "click" of a regular Kydex holster, the advantage of the Silent Thunder is that it is indeed silent.

    The overall craftsmanship/fit & finish is impressive. Other holsters I've owned have jagged edges here or there, inconsistent staining, or generally feel cheap compared to this one. Built like a tank is 100% accurate, and I will absolutely be ordering one for my XDs next.

    Similar to others, my holster only took about 10 days to get here, compared to the 6 weeks of my last IWB holster. Thank you Ron and Sheryl for a truly fantastic product.

  9. 1st Garrett Holster

    Posted by Ben on 31st Dec 2013

    I've been carrying on and off duty for many years and this is the first holster I've owned that gives me the flexibilty to tuck in a shirt and still carry concealed. It's pretty comfortable compared to my other kydex IWB holsters and is well constructed and thought out.

    I think adding the leather to the inside of the holster is a genius move and allows to quietly draw without alerting your opponent.
    I did find that I had trouble snapping one of the belt loops but if you tighten up the hex screws on the snaps, it fixes the problem.

    All in all, I will be returning to Garrett for more holsters for my other handguns in the future. Great product.

  10. Unbelievably Comfortable

    Posted by Jay on 18th Dec 2013

    Finding a holster to fit the Springfield 4" LW Champion w/light rail was a bit difficult. After some research I found Garrett. Quality and customer service are second to none. I can wear this holster all day, in and out of the truck with no problem. The holster is very secure, yet can be removed with one hand. ST Fusion is next as it looks like a good summer choice.

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