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Silent Thunder Solo

  • Image 1
  • Silent Thunder Solo w/HD Clip (offset option not available on smaller model firearms)
  • Image 3
  • Silent Thunder Solo for HK45.
  • Silent Thunder Solo w/Tuckable Leather Loops (offset option not available on smaller model firearms)
  • Image 6
  • Silent Thunder Solo (right hand 1911 5" with optional Basketweave)
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Product Description

The Silent Thunder Solo holster is a step forward in holster design. Whether you are a first time CCW or have carried for years, the Solo can offer options and carry positions that no other hybrid holster can.  The Silent Thunder Solo is a good IWB option for revolvers but are only appropriate for J Frames and K Frames.

Benefits include:

    • Carry positions. because of the user adjustable cant and the small footprint of the holster, the Solo can be worn anywhere from crossdraw to MOB.
    • Built for a lifetime of use the Solo is double stitched for durability and beauty.
    • Due to the unique molding of the front, one handed reholstering is attainable.
    • The composite back on the Solo makes for unexcelled comfort. The suede, neoprene, and Hermann Oak leather provides the perfect barrier between the pistol and you.
    • Uses our Silent Thunder IWB Clips (Standard, Slimline, J Hook, V Clip, HD Clip or Belt Loop Clip) or the Silent Thunder IWB Tuckable Loops.
    • The single mount system combined with the suede backing provides for rock solid stability while maintaining an easy on/easy off capability.
    • To see if the Solo is right for you please read below.

Silent Thunder IWB Vs. Fusion or Solo?   I am asked this question many times and it all comes down to this:

What do you expect from the holster?

If you are looking for a holster that you put on in the morning and take off at night then the Fusion or Solo may be right for you. But if any of the following apply to your situation, you may want to default to the Silent Thunder IWB.

If you:

  • Have to remove the holster several times during the day (interview rooms, jail, work place, post office, etc) The Silent Thunder IWB lends itself to removal and replacement much better than the Fusion or Solo.
  • Want to perform multiple practice presentations daily. The Silent Thunder IWB will make you much happier in this regard as reholstering is a breeze given the rigid back.
  • Competition: The Silent Thunder IWB will be the best choice, (in IWB) for IDPA and other such events. The Solo and Fusion are not built for these activities.

Ok, it sounds like the Silent Thunder IWB is the clear winner! So why do we even offer the Fusion or Solo?

The Fusion and Solo are for a different kind of buyer. There are a lot of people in the world that do not perform multiple presentations, compete, or have to remove the holster during the day. These customers are looking for something that can be donned in the morning and worn for hours without discomfort. They don’t care about how it reholsters or that it is not built like a tank. They want to be comforted by having a means of defense and they are not paying a price in discomfort to keep said weapon handy. This is not to say that the Silent Thunder IWB is uncomfortable. It’s just not as comfortable as a cushy composite back.

In the end it’s all about your lifestyle. We build holsters that can accommodate you, not the other way around.

Ron Garrett




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Product Reviews

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  1. get off the fence...

    Posted by Sean on 16th Oct 2014

    and buy this holster!

    I have had my Solo now for a 1 month now for my Walther PPS. In looking for a holster, I wanted something with a small profile, comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time. I also wanted a holster that would be durable, securely holding my firearm in place, for that added sense of security. So far, the ST Solo has delivered on all counts. IMHO, this is a great holster for concealed carry.

  2. Solid construction,comfortable holster

    Posted by Alan J Saltzman on 17th Jun 2014

    This would be my first venture into Kydex and certainly first hybrid. A bit skeptical after reading all the glowing reviews but thankfully reassured upon receipt.
    This is a very comfortable and well made holster. My EDC is currently a Sig P938 and worn in the yearly heat of S. Florida. Need for something against my flank constantly without becoming sticky and irritating as plain plastic would be.
    The suede backing is perfect. Fit of Kydex and leather bonded together allows a solid shape molded to the gun and adequate tension for normal activities.
    I do not need frequent presentations nor repeated removal of the holster so the Silent Thunder solo is perfect for my needs. It arrived as promised 10 days after order was placed. Adjustment for cant with two adjustable screws as pictured. Glad that there is a sweat shield at upper portion of firearm.
    Absolutely necessary.
    Only criticism is that price is about $20 too much but no one forced me to buy it.

  3. Very supprised

    Posted by Jerry Nystrom on 18th May 2014

    I an a range officer and instructor that for comfort reasons uses OWB holsters for my shifts at work. My off duty arms are a Kahr PM9 that rides in a Silent Thunder. Comfortable and easy to holster and re-holster and molded Kydex against skin is very effective. My alternate carry gun is a S&W Shield that always rode in a OWB all Kydex product.

    On a whim I ordered a Silent Thunder Solo for my Shield. To break it in, I wore it on a 8 hour shift at work. I forgot it was on. I am 6"3" and 200lbs. This thing is very comfortable. I practiced, with a unloaded gun, re-holstering, as I saw it will collapse a bit when the firearm is drawn. Re-holstering is easily accomplished, but with great care as all re-holstering should be.
    The Solo is perfectly designed for the shooter that plans on carrying for the day in total comfort

    My needs are fully met with the Solo model and having owned a regular Silent Thunder for a number of years I can attest to the durability and great service the Garrett's give.

    Thanks to the Garrett family for another great product. The customers at our range will get crash course in holster comfort.

  4. Best IWB ever

    Posted by Roger on 15th Nov 2013

    I carry a Sig P938 and absolutely Love the Silent thunder IWB holster. Very comfortable, stable and rides low in my waist band. Easy on and off which is key to me. It's nice not to have to wear an undershirt as the design provides a nice layer between the handle and my skin. High quality product and the customer service is top notch. thank you

  5. Extraordinary Holster and Service

    Posted by John T on 24th Oct 2013

    I ordered a silent thunder SOLO for my walther P99C. I received an email the next day stating that they did not have the correct length die. Im a pretty easy guy and replied, lets try it! worst case scenario the gun will be a little short in the holster. I received the holster and yes, it totally lived up to what everybody said! Best holster I have ever had. Dont be concerned about the single clip, it doesn't move! I called in to compliment the maker on the holster and in discussion i noted the gun is a little tiny short, without hesitation the nice lady on the phone said "take pictures next to a ruler and email them to me, put the holster back in the box and send it back"! Long story short, holster is now perfect and to be honest the holster was so superior to other holsters I've used I was OK with the way it was before they fixed it. Im writing this as I am back to order another holster.

  6. Will not be my last Garrett holster!!!

    Posted by Chris on 27th Sep 2013

    I just received my Silent Thunder Solo today for my M&P full size in od green! This is the best hybrid holster period. I have a Blackpoint Tactical small appendix, which is similar in concept (hybrid holster with single clip attachment) but the Solo is more refined, better built and overall a better product. The passive retention may not appeal to everybody, but I assure you this is unlike other passive retention system. Your gun doesn't fall out when it's not on your body and when you turn it upside down. This may seem silly, but when you are on the toilet in a public restroom with your pants around your ankles, the last thing you want is your gun to slide out. The leather backing with foam padding is crucial. I disagree with Clint Smith on this one, a gun should be comfortable and comforting and this holster does just that. BUT listen folks, this isn't a range holster, no passive retention holster is, so get that concept straight. It is a self defense IWB holster made for comfort. This is my first Garrett holster and will not be last!

  7. If a holster can be too comfortable ... this is it.

    Posted by Dred on 24th Jul 2013

    I have two of these holsters. I have one for my Sig 938 and another for my 5" 1911s. They are both comfortable enough to forget entirely. With the leather loop mounts, these are set and forget holsters.

  8. Best for all day carry

    Posted by Ryan G on 7th Jul 2013

    Like in my reviews do the silent thunder iwb, the solo is awesome. Off duty I'm not taking my holster on and off all day for interviews and interogations like I do with my regular silent thunder. I wore my solo with my glock 23 for 12 hours yesterday and I forgot I had it on. Again, The Garretts have produced the best hybrid holster around. Need to buy more guns so I can justify buying more garrett holsters!

  9. I'm ordering more

    Posted by Mike Brewster on 9th Jun 2013

    I ordered two of these holsters to fit a Taurus model 85, one for my wife and one for me. My wife hasn't worn hers much, but I have and I'm really pleased.

    The description doesn't make it really plain, but the part of this holster that's next to you doesn't have a Kydex layer. It has the Herman Oak leather near the gun, a layer of padding material then next to you is a layer of suede. Although it adds a bit of bulk it makes for a comfortable holster even with a revolver. I suppose the drag of the suede and the fact that the back is soft is why they say it doesn't reholster or or go on and off as easily as some of the others. That may be so, but even with the revolver I haven't found it to be a terrible problem. I do generally put it on and leave it alone however.

    I liked this one enough that I'm here to order another one of these for a 1911 and an OWB for a Springfield that I have. Can't add much to that.

  10. Most Comfortable IWB Option By Far!

    Posted by Jay S. on 9th Mar 2013

    I received my custom Solo for a Glock 26 about a week ago and am tremendously impressed! I have tried several other IWB holsters and no other options even come close to the comfort of the Solo. My order took a bit longer than initially expected, when I called Garret, Sheryl told me that the first one didn't come out just how they wanted. Sheryl said they were going to make it over so it was up to Ron and her standards. At the time I appreciated that kind of honesty and now that I have the holster I would have been happy to wait twice as long! I cant say enough about the fit & finish, attention to detail, overall quality and exceptional customer service... Simply Perfect!
    Thanks to Ron and Sheryl, keep up the great work!

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