> New Clips
We are currently implementing new polymer clips for our inside the waist holsters. These new clips are sturdy, durable and dependable. The polymer clips, Tough Clip and Tacclip, will have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser vs. the 3 month warranty we offer on Kydex clips due to the nature of the material. The Tough Clip is attached to the Silent Thunder Slim and the Silent Thunder GT and Silent Thunder IWB Revolver will be updated within the next couple of days. The Tacclip Clip now comes standard with the Silent Thunder IWB and Silent Thunder Solo. Both clips are currently listed under Products - Mounts - IWB for replacement purchases as well.

Tough Clip https://www.giholsters.com/product-p/mip100.htm
Tacclip https://www.giholsters.com/product-p/mi251.htm