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So Comfortable, Forget I Have It On July 31, 2018
Reviewer: JA from AL  
Just got my third aiwb holster from you and have been wearing it for the past two weeks. This holster is so comfortable I forget I have it on. I use it to carry a CZ75B. With a pistol this size a poor quality holster would not work. This rig works extremely well during practice at the range and conceals very well for day to day carry. I have the greatest of confidence in  all the holsters I have bought from you.  The quality and workmanship are outstanding as are your customer service and willingness to help with advice and problem solving. A loyal and satisfied customer you have made of me. Thank You, JA

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Thunder Slim October 6, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Just received my Thunder Slim, and man...I am so impressed! So solid, and fit is perfect. Hardware is also top notch. This is now THE holster for me.  I need one of these for all my carry guns now!

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Brilliant design and artisan craftsmanship June 10, 2016
Reviewer: Jonathan from Portland, OR  
I've been fascinated with Garrett Industries' products since I started daily-carrying a handgun four years ago, but was deterred by the slightly above-average prices. Now that I've amassed the proverbial box of disused holsters, I invoked the "buy once, cry once" rule and purchased the Silent Thunder Slim for my M&P Shield.

Artisan-level craftsmanship was immediately evident. The hardware mates up solidly; no worries about stripping anything out. No sharp kydex edges or loose leather threads; the latter is bonded perfectly inside the former.

I've been wary of one-clip IWB holster designs because most are inherently unstable (one attachment point to the belt allows most holsters to shift cant angle and position too easily). The GI Standard clip secured firmly to my leather belt. No more appendix-carry turning into crotch-carry every time I get out of a chair.

I'm extremely satisfied with the holster I received and highly recommend them without reservation.

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Great Customer Service May 17, 2016
Reviewer: Kyle Blessee  
Not only is this one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with. The holsters they make are the best quality of any holster I have owned. Very comfortable/slim fit. The leather saves the finish and adds for a silent smooth draw. I would recommend this to everyone, and it is worth every penny.


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Overall Great!... May 17, 2016
Reviewer: Kyle Blessee  
Perfect holster, and great customer service! Light wieght durable, and has kept my slide finish looking flawless. As soon as you receive your holster you can see and smell the work that was put into it. Well worth every penny, and having another made for my glock 27. Sheryl Garrett went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my product, and keeping me up to date on its progress. Dont waste your money on 2 cheap holsters when you can buy one that you will forget you're wearing. Thanks so much for making my custom holster, and can't wait for my next to made.


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Reviewer: Donald Smith  
I had the pleasure of driving to Woodville Tx. and meeting Ron and Sheryl Garrett as well as the rest of the staff at Garrett Industries.
I tried to do a modification on my Silent Thunder GT IWB. Needless to say I ruined the hardware on removal. Ron installed the new hardware as well as re-fit my H&K P2000 SK to a more custom fit to my liking. Ron also treated the leather interior with a leather conditioner and gave me the canister of conditioner. By the way did I mention that Ron refused to take any money for all of his time and material.
This is a top notch organization run by a top notch staff.


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Function and comfort May 17, 2016
Reviewer: RJ  
It's easy. Garrett Industries makes great holsters that blend function and comfort well. The Silent Thunder Slim is no different. If you are looking for a kydex appendix holster check out the Slim. 5 star customer service as well.


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Only holster brand I buy May 11, 2016
Reviewer: Wilhelm Von Mayer  
Few months ago, I got the silent thunder for my m&p 40c. Appendix carry to me had always been more uncomfortable than IWB at 4 o'clock. Not the case here! You can barely feel you have a gun on you.

I decided to take it up another notch and ordered the silent thunder appendix carry for my beretta px4 subcompact. As you all know, it is a bulky and thick gun. Again, I was surprised! Super comfortable!

Have tried cross breeds, Galco, old faithful, safariland.... Nothing comes close to this. Little hefty price tag, but worth every cent!


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Quiet, Comfortable and Durable May 7, 2016
Reviewer: Dale Schmidt, P.E.  
I became a big Garrett Silent Thunder Holster Fan a few months ago. Since then I've had the pleasure of using and showing off my holsters. I have two Silent Thunder Slims; one for my Kahr TP45 and one for my Kahr P9. These are great in every way. My Orders have taken about two weeks or less to arrive. Each time I've ordered, I've been very pleased.


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The Last Holster Standing May 7, 2016
Reviewer: Reggie (HK P30)  
Let me preface my review by saying that I've tried a half-dozen other 'appendix' holsters from different manufacturers. You know the guys that have anywhere from 8-16 week lead times. The Silent Thunder Slim Appendix (STSA) consistently was better on nearly every front (it arrived in 5 business days to boot!).

*Comfort - Kydex generally feels very unpleasant against the skin for an extended period of time, especially if it's warm. The STSA has an extremely smooth exterior finish that made it more comfortable than other kydex competitors.

*Retention - I prefer a lighter level of retention on my draw stroke so the adjustable retention allowed me to dial it in perfectly. Other manufacturers were hit and miss, some had the retention characteristics I prefer (lighter), but most were ridiculously snug. YMMV, but the STSA is adjustable so you can't lose.

*Cant - This was a big one for me. Every other appendix holster I tried offered no cant adjustments (without modifying the holster mounting). Carrying appendix can be made to be even more concealable with a bit of cant. Once again score for Garrett for being adjustable.

*Lining - Admittedly this feature was actually the thing I was least interested in when I purchased, but now I absolutely love it. There is simply no smoother draw stroke to be found in terms of feel, but with the adjustable retention I can still have it so that I get a very satisfying tactile click as my pistol re-seats into place. Amazing.

The only con to this holster is that compared side-by-side with some of the others I have it is not quite as slim. The difference isn't enough to affect concealability for me, but it is worth mentioning.

Overall greatly exceeded my expectations.


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