Garrett Industries, LLC

Silent Thunder Holster Line
1107 S Magnolia St
Woodville TX 75979
409-200-2791 and 409-200-2853

NEW FOR 2021: Garrett Industries is now designing and 3D printing clips, mounts and magazine pouches. Third Party mounts and clips previously used on our holsters were good, but not good enough! Our new 3D designed parts are being added over the next few months. The sky is now the limit on what we will be able to offer!

Since 2007, Garrett Industries has been dedicated to bringing a competitive and tactical edge to the marketplace. Our products incorporate light weight, high strength and ergonomic designs well suited to today's needs.

Why choose us? Our custom capabilities far exceed most holster shops. We use state of the art graphics programs for all design work and CNC cutting for precision. This environment gives us the edge in implementing custom changes and/or improvements to our gear in a matter of moments!

Garrett Industries has been featured in SWAT magazine three times, has had numerous ezine articles written and video reviews done. However, we are most proud of the numerous customer reviews and comments we have received over the years.

We are proud to be an American Company that produces American Made Products with American Made Supplies and good old American Customer Service.

Garrett Industries developed the process to permanently bond leather to Kydex and have been building leather lined Kydex holsters since 2007. In doing so, we began putting out a line of holsters that is quick, protective and quiet. Check out our complete line of Silent Thunder Holsters available inside the waistband, outside the waistband and for on or off duty. This is the original Kydex and leather holster, no other leather lined Kydex holster comes close in quality!

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Sheryl and Ron Garrett