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Better Belt USA - Custom Plus Belts

"Our belts are engineered to provide the very best combination of comfort and performance possible, and they are built to last!"

Not sure what's perfect for you? Give me a call, or shoot me an E-mail. We'll work together to determine exactly which belt is A Better Belt for you!"

mike.jpg Mike (281) 414-1110 [email protected]

Why do we call ourselves A Better Belt?

There is not a better dual layer, belt made. As a small leather shop, we fully understand that quality and customer service are the two most important aspects of our business. Our promise is to deliver our very best before and after you buy.

We understand that the best solution for one person may not be the best for another. We hand craft your belt(s) to your individual needs. We believe that personal protection requires personal attention. If one of our belts does not suit YOUR specific needs, we will customize a belt for you that does. Only then will you truly have

A Better Belt!